Below is a set of core values that guide the Sacred Spaces staff in our daily interactions.

B’tzelem Elokim (Created in the Image of G-d) – We treat everyone with the utmost dignity and respect by holding ourselves to the highest standards of interpersonal behavior while recognizing the diversity of people’s backgrounds and histories. 

We demonstrate this value when we…

  • Respect professional and personal boundaries, especially as supervisors to supervisees. 
  • Respect differences of opinions by listening carefully and responding to the issue at hand, without personal bias or preconceptions.  
  • Create space for all our voices and cede space to others’ voices.  
  • Recognize that we bring our whole selves, personal experiences, and histories to our work. 

Kehillah (Partnership) – We support each other, as each person contributes to our team effort, which leads to the success of our organization and our work in the world.

We demonstrate this value when we…

  • Communicate as openly as possible.
  • Work collaboratively and share knowledge across our work to successfully reach our goals.  
  • Share ideas in partnership and welcome constructive feedback.
  • Support one another by asking challenging questions with respect and listening carefully to each other’s answers. 
  • Approach one another directly to address any slights, misunderstandings, or challenges that might detract from a collaborative workplace. 
  • Learn from and value each other’s different backgrounds, experiences, and expertise
  • Support each other’s professional development and growth. 
  • Acknowledge colleague’s contributions and presence internally and externally. 

Chemlah (Empathy) – We have compassion and care for those with whom we work and each other. 

We demonstrate this value when we…

  • Assume the best of intentions, remembering we do not know what someone is carrying. 
  • Create space to check in with each other and provide support when needed.
  • Bring a trauma-informed lens to our work. 
  • Recognize complexities in each other’s lives, our work, and the world. 

Yashrut (Integrity) – We uphold a moral and principled approach to our work with a foundation in research, best practice, and expertise. 

We demonstrate this value when we…

  • Apply to ourselves the same safeguards and principles that we advise for other organizations, like ensuring that one-on-one meetings are observable and interruptible. 
  • Produce work that builds upon knowledge and expertise that is grounded in research. 
  • Strive for the highest quality in our work.
  • Are honest about our own biases, strengths, and weaknesses. 
  • Recognize that we can make mistakes, then take the time to acknowledge and apologize for mistakes so we can learn and grow. 
  • Uphold and respect confidentiality.