Sacred Spaces supports Jewish institutions to implement new standards for prevention and response of abuses of power. Our work is based on a deeply held belief that Jewish institutions want to better protect their communities, but may not have the tools to do so. When we work together, we can transform  culture, not just in our own institutions but across our community, creating safe and sacred spaces for everyone.

To build capacity within institutions to keep their staff and constituents safe from abuse and other exploitations of power, we offer the following consulting services:


  • Educating about abuses of power from a Jewish-values frame 
  • Generating buy-in from leadership
  • Reinforcing healthy governance and communication
  • Resolving current or past incidents of abuse
  • Building a joint vision and relationship with the community around prevention and response 


  • Examining current prevention and response policies and procedures
  • Conducting interviews with board, staff, and other constituents such as synagogue congregants, JCC members, parents, youth, donors, assisted living facility residents, etc. 
  • Reviewing de-identified complaint files and audit of case reports
  • Conducting a climate survey with organizational stakeholders
  • Performing program and/or facility assessments
  • Advising on the formation of a safety committee including structure and governance

Policy Development

  • Guiding organizations on the process of policy development
  • Providing education about various types of protocols and policies, such as hiring and screening protocols and interaction guidelines
  • Developing trauma-informed protocols that guide the response to a complaint or accusation
  • Reviewing and offering feedback on existing and draft policies


Sacred Spaces offers interactive trainings that are tailored to diverse audiences. Topics include:

  • Introduction to child safeguarding
  • Overview of institutional abuse in Jewish communities 
  • Road map and tools for building organizational practices and policies to prevent abuse of power
  • Bystander intervention workshop  
  • Identifying and responding to suspicions, complaints and disclosures of abuse or harassment
  • Safe and respectful workplace staff training including harassment and abuse prevention 
  • Workshops for community stakeholders relevant to individuals across the lifespan, including teens, young adults, parents, and elders

Implementation and Maintenance

  • Developing ongoing forms of review, feedback, and evaluation of abuse prevention and response policies and protocols. 
  • Providing technical assistance in implementing policies and protocols
  • Guiding organizations in responding to complaints 
  • Evaluating effectiveness of grievance and complaint process 
  • Providing referrals (e.g.,  expert investigators)

Case Consults

  • Aiding institutions in understanding and responding to complaints of abuse of power in a responsible, nuanced, and trauma-informed manner
  • Learn more about our case consults here.



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We continue to build out programs for preventing and responding to institutional abuse across the life span. If you are a funder or non-profit that would like to partner with us at the local or national level, please contact us.

Please note that Sacred Spaces does not provide victim services or conduct investigations. We are glad to provide referrals to other organizations specializing in these areas.