Fostering Safe Communal Spaces from Harassment & Abuse! A new Valley Beit Midrash interview with Dr. Shira Berkovits from Sacred Spaces

Posted by Rabbi-Shmuly Yanklowitz on Thursday, April 23, 2020


Webinar: Safeguarding Children and Teens in Online Environments

This webinar is intended to assist Jewish youth-serving organizations think through protocols that promote child protection during online communication and programming. Sacred Spaces held this webinar live in April 2020 and it is available for viewing on demand.

Sacred Spaces on That’s Life

Miriam L. Wallach interviews Shira Berkovits about Sacred Spaces in preparation for Long Island’s community awareness event.

Jew in the City Speaks with Allison Josephs

Scroll down to Episode 120 on 06-14-2018 for the Interview with Shira Berkovits

Parent Education

Headlines Show with Dovid Lichtenstein, Interview with Sacred Spaces Founder and CEO, Shira Berkovits

Abuse in the Jewish Community

Shaarei Shomayim Radio, Interview with Dr. Guila Benchimol