Sacred Synagogues

“I’ve been aware of these issues for years, but it’s as if someone finally gave me a new set of glasses through which to see.” – Chicago Sacred Synagogues participant 

Sacred Synagogues guides institutions through a process to prevent and respond to sexual abuse and harassment through comprehensive policy development and education. This groundbreaking program provides comprehensive training and guidance on developing policies and practices for creating safe and sacred synagogues. By taking proactive steps to create robust safety policies and procedures, institutions demonstrate the commitment to safety to themselves and their communities.

Sacred Synagogues equips institutions with the tools necessary to understand the root causes of abuse of power, recognize warning signs, and proactively establish standards for prevention and response within their institutions. Learning is done in a cross-denominational cohort with peer institutions which includes synagogues, JCCs, day schools, camps, and other institutions.

Key elements of the program include:

  • In-depth training sessions, including topics such as best practices in screening and hiring, prevention and education, response protocols, and victim support.
  • Guidance on establishing safety committees, developing value statements, and creating plans for policy implementation and maintenance. 
  • Expert one-on-one consultation and red-line policy review. 

If you are interested to learn more about developing policies for abuse prevention and response, please contact us at