Purim 2019

Dear Friends,

As we approach Purim, I am reminded once again that the issues we work on at Sacred Spaces are not new, and in fact have a long and painful history in our tradition. I think of the power Achashverosh exerted over his wives and his people, the sexual victimization of both women and men in the Purim story, and the unlikely heroines, Vashti and Esther, who resisted – each in her own way – despite tremendous danger to self and community. Megillat Esther tells of a Jewish woman leader who saves her people through strategic decisions, allyship, and working within a system in which she herself has been victimized.

At Sacred Spaces, we support Jewish leaders in their work to prevent abuses of power and sexual victimization, in all kinds of systems. We are grateful for your partnership and support in ensuring that, like the Jews of Shushan after their great redemption, our institutions are filled with light and gladness, happiness and honor (ora ve-simcha ve-sason vicar).

Below we share updates on our most activities and news, in an interactive Purim graphic. CLICK ON THE INDIVIDUAL ICONS IN THE GRAPHIC BELOW AND FOLLOW THE LINKS FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION.

Shira Berkovits, Esq., Ph.D.
Founder and CEO, Sacred Spaces

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